Faith in God is based on knowing Him and establishing a strong and lasting relationship with Him. When we know someone well and we know that this individual is dependable, trustable and reliable, then we can have Faith in him or her. The same thing happens when we get to know God and establish a relationship with Him: we learn more and more about Him as we go and we learn that He is dependable, trustable and reliable, we learn that we can rest assured that God is a soft spot where to land and a loving, protective Father that shelters His children and keeps His Word and

Covenant with them. Faith in God does not grow on trees; it comes with knowing the Truth and God’s Word, which is the Bible. Romans 10:17 (NKJV) – “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

Hearing, in this context, means understanding and obeying; just like when a father says to his children: “Hear me now! You need to be home by 10 pm”, he is saying: “Listen carefully, understand and obey what I am about to tell you! You need to be home by 10 pm”.

This means that Faith comes by understanding and obeying the Word of God. Faith is understanding completely the things hoped for and that by which things not seen yet have been tested and proved in the past, as we have obeyed and have seen the positive results of our obedience in our life.


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